Youth Civic Media Council

Youth Civic Media Council

We are now recruiting for a high school youth advisory team that will work directly with CPS to shape and inform the district wide media literacy strategy. These students will shape a new after-school program focus called Civic Media Labs.

The advisory team will: 

  • Meet virtually with staff from the Department of Social Science and Civic Engagement twice a month, after school
  • Conduct action research, finalize recommendations, and present findings to the civic media literacy stakeholders team
  • Receive a monetary stipend at the end of the school year

A student might be interested if they: 

  • are invested in their community
  • are interested in media production and/or journalism
  • would like to be a part of an initiative to improve access to media literacy opportunities for students in schools that lack journalism or media programs

Students are expected to: 

  • Attend and actively participate in bi-weekly meetings
  • Provide their vision for and feedback on media literacy instruction plans
  • Document their experiences and findings through a form of media