Our Mission

The Department of Student Voice and Engagement works with district offices, departments, networks, schools, teachers, and students to promote education that is inclusive of, responsive to, and actively engaged in the lived experiences of our students and families.  

Our Vision
Our commitment is to build transformative learning experiences that ignite curiosity, honor student identity, promote agency, build inclusivity, and elevate active participation in learning, school, communities, and civic life.

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Latest News and Updates

Summer Student Leadership Opportunity

The Department of Student Voice and Engagement is recruiting students interested in serving on our District"s first Student Leadership Delegation (SLD). This group of young delegates will represent all students in CPS this summer, and potentially year-round, to expand and enrich the district’s student voice and leadership culture. Learn more here!

We're Hiring!

Looking for innovative educational leaders that are interested in growing this movement with us.
If you are passionate about student-centered, culturally responsive, and civically engaged schools - please apply today on Taleo.

NEW Partner Directory

Looking for an exciting partnership to enrich your classroom instruction or student-led inquiry project? Look no further! Visit the Partner Directory to connect with School Partners.

Dialogue and Deliberatation in CPS Classrooms

Recent Blog Posts

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Discover and Exercise the Power of Voting—for Those of Us Who Can’t

Oct. 30, 2020 | By: Crystal Campos

Crystal Campos is a 12th-grade student at John Hancock College Preparatory located in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood of Chicago.

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Why Society Must Address Intersectional Discrimination

June 14, 2021 | By: Tabitha Walton & Alexis Saunders-Davis

Tabitha Walton and Alexis Saunders-Davis are 11th graders at Orr Academy High School located between the West Garfield and Humboldt Park neighborhoods.

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Multicultural Arts High School Cross Content Exploration of 1919-Red Summer

Feb. 1, 2022 | By: DSVE Staff

An interview with Anna Deem and Ryan Williams on their interdisciplinary unit of Red Summer.