Project-Based Learning

What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning is experiential opportunities in and out of classrooms for students to engage with varied communities, individuals, and groups. It can be a powerful tool to disrupt inequitable patterns in who has access to a meaningful and fulfilling education.

When done thoughtfully, project-based learning has the capacity to create learning environments that are rich in (inter)disciplinary learning, authentic to students and their communities, collaborative, and iterative.

Opportunities for Students to Participate in Project-Based Learning include:

Service Learning

As a district, we have shifted our view of civic participation and readiness from one that focused primarily on individual responsibility, through volunteer hours, to a more participatory and justice-oriented participation.


Inquiry to Action Projects

The Inquiry to Action (IA) framework draws on existing frameworks and resources in the fields of project-based learning, action research, youth participatory action research, and civic learning.