Student Voice and Leadership

In CPS, student voice is the valuing and prioritizing of youth values, beliefs, perspectives, participation and influence in all aspects of schooling.

Student voice & engagement is core to classroom, schoolwide, district, & community improvement & decision-making.

Build A Foundation for Student Voice and Engagement

Youth Voice and Expertise: As CPS’s majority stakeholder group, youth should have a voice in all aspects of their schooling and in their communities. Youth perspectives are a necessary component for true inclusive partnerships and equitable decision-making. In order for classrooms and schools to promote student agency and authority, youth voices must be valued and elevated, and students should have opportunities to share power with adults. We do this through a 360 degree approach to student voice, practices and structures for classrooms, schools, and district-wide impact:

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  • Student Voice and Activism Fellows (SVAF) is a team of student leaders working to strengthen youth-adult partnerships across the district
  • Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a team of student leaders that work directly with the CPS CEO to strengthen policy

Build Stronger Student-Adult Partnerships, Together.

Student Voice Committees


Student Leadership Opportunities


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