Guidance For Schools

Support for Difficult or Controversial Conversations

Now more than ever, schools must nurture our willingness and ability to engage and deliberate with others on important, controversial, and sometimes difficult topics in our communities.

We thank you and honor you for taking this opportunity to engage in supportive discussions and lessons about difficult but important events and issues, and we hope you find the resources collected here helpful.

CPS Student Voice, Engagement, and Civic Life Planning Guide

Agency, engagement, inclusivity in all aspects of schooling

A guidebook for building inclusive, responsive, and engaging classrooms, teams, and school communities

The Student Voice 360 Guidebook was designed and driven by a vision for student voices and perspectives to be elevated as valued members of the school community. Schools that center the Inner Core (identity, community, and relationships) engage students and colleagues as thought-partners, leaders, and innovators able to make academic, social, environmental, and political impacts in their schools, communities, and world.

Electoral Engagement Guidance

Elections Participation Guide

This document contains guidance and instructional strategies and resources on electoral engagement in and outside the classroom for all schools, K-12.