Student Voice Committees

Student Voice Committees

SVCs are designed to promote strong, sustained student-adult partnerships that work together to address school-based issues and promote shared decision-making.

SVC Purpose

Student Voice Committees (SVCs) are school-based student leadership teams designed to forge student-adult partnerships in school improvement.

SVCs seek to partner directly with administration on persistent problems the school is actively seeking to address. As a key partner in school improvement, SVC’s should be a part of school quality assessment, school visioning and planning, and the decision making process.

The SVC works to elevate youth perspective and expertise in understanding the problems schools face, to strengthen the decisions schools and teachers make, and to encourage the development of youth leadership skills.

The Four SVC Steps

Build the foundation for their work, establishing norms, creating a mission statement, exploring identity and oppression, developing communication skills, and being introduced to the process of action planning.

Build a school profile, map the assets and challenges in their school, conduct observations and polls, analyze their data, choose an issue, and begin developing a detailed action plan.

Consider the difference between charity (service) and change (advocacy/activism), identifying the root causes of their issue, researching and evaluating, , analyzing who in the school community can help them, updating their action plan, and meeting with the principal.

Work on how best to communicate their ideas, work with decision makers to put their ideas into action, reflect on their work, and look forward to consider how they can continue advancing student voice in the school community.

Student Voice 101:
Student Panel

The Student Voice 101 PD is available for new SVC facilitators to learn more about starting an SVC at their school.

SVC student leaders were invited to share their student voice and expertise on the impact being a part of their school's SVC has had on them.

Further Details

  • Admin, teachers, students! Are you interested in starting an SVC at your school?
  • Contact Mildred Garcia Gomez, Student Voice Specialist, at to get started!

  • This school year we will be offering monthly SVC facilitator meetups. These will be communal learning spaces for new and returning SVC facilitators to attend and meet other facilitators in the district implementing SVC’s at their schools. This opportunity will be offered on a monthly basis to offer connection, share best practice and experiences. The detailed information for enrollment and dates will be sent via email and SVC classrooms.
  • We will also be offering a New SVC Facilitator Cohort opportunity. New SVC facilitators will participate in three full days of professional learning in which they will focus on exploring the SVC steps throughout the school year. The new facilitators cohort will have the opportunity to meet three times in the school year to be supported in the first year of SVC implementation. The detailed information for enrollment and dates will be sent via email and SVC classrooms.

  • SVC enrollment and attendance will be tracked on ASPEN. SVC Facilitators, please enroll your SVC on ASPEN and track weekly attendance. Please reach out if you need support with this process.
  • For a step-by-step guide on how to get set up please refer to the SVC Quick Guide for Creating and Tracking.

SVC School Improvement Project Grant is officially OPEN!

  1. Apply below for a grant to support your SVC's work. We encourage you to work with students to fill out the grant proposal. Note: you can also include a video to tell us more about your project/issue. Note the attachment section at end of Grant Application Section.
  2. We will review grants on a rolling basis. You will receive notice from Student Voice Specialist, Mildred Garcia, about the status of your grant award within two weeks of your submission.
  3. If awarded, funds will be transferred to your school. We will notify your principal, school clerk and SVC facilitator with a formal letter including instructions.
  4. Work with your school on the use of your grant using CPS approved vendors and spending processes.

Grant Application Link: SVC School Improvement Project Grant Application