For Teachers & School Leaders

For Teachers & School Leaders

Schools are the first civic institutions students experience as community members, therefore it is important that schools and classrooms build democratic systems and structures that cultivate a shared purpose and build bonds of trust.

Student Voice 360 Toolkit

The guidance was designed and driven by a vision for student voices and perspectives to be elevated as valued members of the school community. We aim to support schools in their efforts to build inclusive partnerships and include students as part of their school visioning and decision-making infrastructure.

The range of youth participation and leadership is dynamic and nonlinear, and can exist in multiple dimensions within individual communities. The following frameworks are introduced and expanded in this toolkit, and serve to support reflection, action planning, and continuous improvement:

Student Voice Foundation

What is required for sustainable, impactful student voice?

Student Voice & Engagement in Schools Spectrum

What are the opportunities for student voice?

Hart’s Ladder

How responsive are adults to student voice?