StoryCorps: Examine Who We Are

StoryCorps: Examine Who We Are

How Shall We Live Together?

Our partnership with StoryCorps encourages all CPS students, educators, and families to engage in the powerful practice of examining who we are by uplifting varied voices and experiences, and fostering a deeper understanding of both your world and the world of those around you through storytelling interviews.

These interviews invite CPS students, educators, administrators, and partners to share a conversation about personal identity and to discuss its relationship to your experiences in Chicago, in America, and in society at large. This is an optional activity that can be used in a classroom setting, or as a school community opportunity.

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It is important to note that while you can use a variety of methods to record the interviews, we encourage you to use StoryCorps Connect, a tool to conduct the interviews remotely. Through StoryCorps Connect the user can decide if they want interviews to be kept private or made public - and the tool will also aggregate publicly available CPS interviews, becoming an archive to leverage in the future. Schools must manage their own student permissions to use StoryCorps Connect - parental or guardian consent is required for students under the age of 18. Under StoryCorps’ Terms of Use, students under the age of 13 may not register for a StoryCorps Archive account. StoryCorps has a sample permission slip you can use and customize.