Facing History and Ourselves

Grade Levels: 6-12

Facing History and Ourselves uses lessons of history to challenge teachers and their students to stand up to bigotry and hate. At Facing History and Ourselves, we believe the bigotry and hate that we witness today are the legacies of brutal injustices of the past. Through our partnerships, we help educators around the world face our collective history and address racism, antisemitism, and prejudice—so that their students can connect difficult choices made in the past to those they will confront in their own lives. We integrate the study of history and literature with ethics and innovative teaching strategies, providing the expertise needed to guide challenging conversations and establish more equitable learning environments. We trust students to wrestle with complex moments in history and complex moments today. When students understand the roots and persistence of injustice, as well as the importance of their own choices, they are equipped and empowered to build a stronger democracy.

Facing History and Ourselves is partnering with Chicago Public Schools' Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Social Science and Civic Engagement to bring Facing History’s curricular units on civil rights, the Holocaust, and Reconstruction to all 8th grade social studies and high school World History and American History classrooms. These standards-aligned units developed expressly for CPS educators reflect Proven Practices in Civic Learning and connect historical study and ethical reflection to informed action.

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Powerful Practices
  • Relevant/ Authentic Content
  • Examine Who We Are
  • Discourse/Deliberation
  • Inquiry
Social Science Core Areas
  • Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education
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  • Inquiry-Driven
212 Engaged Schools
School Address Grade levels
Adam Clayton Powell Paideia Community Academy ES 7511 S SOUTH SHORE DR PK,K-8
Adlai E Stevenson Elementary School 8010 S KOSTNER AVE PK,K-8
Agustin Lara Elementary Academy 4619 S WOLCOTT AVE PK,K-8
Air Force Academy High School 3630 S WELLS ST 9-12
Albert G Lane Technical High School 2501 W ADDISON ST 7-12
Albert R Sabin Elementary Magnet School 2216 W HIRSCH ST PE,PK,K-8
Alessandro Volta Elementary School 4950 N AVERS AVE PK,K-8
Alexander Graham Elementary School 4436 S UNION AVE PK,K-8
Alexander Hamilton Elementary School 1650 W CORNELIA AVE PK,K-8
Amelia Earhart Options for Knowledge ES 1710 E 93RD ST K-8
A.N. Pritzker School 2009 W SCHILLER ST PK,K-8
Ariel Elementary Community Academy 1119 E 46TH ST PK,K-8
Arthur Dixon Elementary School 8306 S SAINT LAWRENCE AVE PK,K-8
Arthur E Canty Elementary School 3740 N PANAMA AVE PK,K-8
Arthur R Ashe Elementary School 8505 S INGLESIDE AVE PE,PK,K-8
Augustus H Burley Elementary School 1630 W BARRY AVE K-8
Avalon Park Elementary School 8045 S KENWOOD AVE PK,K-8
Back of the Yards IB HS 2111 W 47TH ST 9-12
Benjamin E Mays Elementary Academy 6656 S NORMAL BLVD PK,K-8
Bernhard Moos Elementary School 1711 N CALIFORNIA AVE PK,K-8
Bowen High School 2710 E 89TH ST 9-12
Bret Harte Elementary School 1556 E 56TH ST PK,K-8
Brighton Park Elementary School 3825 S WASHTENAW AVE PK,K-8
Bronzeville Scholastic Academy High School 4934 S WABASH AVE 9-12
Burnham Elementary Inclusive Academy 9928 S CRANDON AVE PK,K-8
Carl Schurz High School 3601 N MILWAUKEE AVE 9-12
Catalyst Elementary Charter School - Circle Rock 5608 W WASHINGTON BLVD K-8
Charles Allen Prosser Career Academy High School 2148 N LONG AVE 9-12
Charles Gates Dawes Elementary School 3810 W 81ST PL PK,K-8
Charles G Hammond Elementary School 2819 W 21ST PL PK,K-8
Charles R Henderson Elementary School 5650 S WOLCOTT AVE PK,K-8
Charles W Earle Elementary School 2040 W 62ND ST PK,K-8
Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences 3857 W 111TH ST 9-12
Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) 2714 W AUGUSTA BLVD 9-12
Chicago Military Academy High School 3519 S GILES AVE 9-12
Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School 2100 E 87TH ST 9-12
CICS - Loomis Primary 9535 S LOOMIS ST K-2
Collins Academy High School 1313 S SACRAMENTO DR 9-12
Consuella B York Alternative HS 2700 S CALIFORNIA AVE 9-12
Daniel Hale Williams Prep School of Medicine 4934 S WABASH AVE 9-12
Daniel R Cameron Elementary School 1234 N MONTICELLO AVE PK,K-8
David G Farragut Career Academy High School 2345 S CHRISTIANA AVE 9-12
DeWitt Clinton Elementary School 6110 N FAIRFIELD AVE PK,K-8
Donald Morrill Math & Science Elementary School 6011 S ROCKWELL ST PK,K-8
Douglas Taylor Elementary School 9912 S AVENUE H PK,K-8
Dr Martin Luther King Jr College Prep HS 4445 S DREXEL BLVD 9-12
Edgebrook Elementary School 6525 N HIAWATHA AVE K-8
Edward A Bouchet Math & Science Academy ES 7355 S JEFFERY BLVD PK,K-8
Edward Coles Elementary Language Academy 8441 S YATES BLVD PK,K-8
Edward E. Sadlowski Elementary School 3930 E 105TH ST PK,K-8
Edward K Ellington Elementary School 243 N PARKSIDE AVE PK,K-8
Edward N Hurley Elementary School 3849 W 69TH PL PK,K-8
Edward Tilden Career Community Academy HS 4747 S UNION AVE 9-12
Eli Whitney Elementary School 2815 S KOMENSKY AVE PK,K-8
Ellen H Richards Career Academy High School 5009 S LAFLIN ST 9-12
Ellen Mitchell Elementary School 2233 W OHIO ST PK,K-8
Emiliano Zapata Elementary Academy 2728 S KOSTNER AVE PK,K-8
Englewood STEM High School None 9
Eric Solorio Academy High School 5400 S ST LOUIS AVE 9-12
Ernst Prussing Elementary School 4650 N MENARD AVE K-8
Evergreen Academy Middle School 3537 S PAULINA ST 6-8
Florence Nightingale Elementary School 5250 S ROCKWELL ST PK,K-8
Francisco I Madero Middle School 3202 W 28TH ST 6-8
Frank I Bennett Elementary School 10115 S PRAIRIE AVE PK,K-8
Frank L Gillespie Elementary School 9301 S STATE ST PK,K-8
Franklin Elementary Fine Arts Center 225 W EVERGREEN AVE K-8
Frank W Reilly Elementary School 3650 W SCHOOL ST PK,K-8
Friedrich W von Steuben Metropolitan Science HS 5039 N KIMBALL AVE 9-12
Gage Park High School 5630 S ROCKWELL ST 9-12
Galileo Math & Science Scholastic Academy ES 820 S CARPENTER ST K-8
Genevieve Melody Elementary School 3937 W WILCOX ST PK,K-8
George Armstrong International Studies ES 2110 W GREENLEAF AVE PK,K-8
George B McClellan Elementary School 3527 S WALLACE ST PK,K-8
George H Corliss High School 821 E 103RD ST 9-12
George Manierre Elementary School 1420 N HUDSON AVE PK,K-8
George M Pullman Elementary School 11311 S FORRESTVILLE AVE PK,K-8
George Washington Elementary School 3611 E 114TH ST PK,K-8
Greater Lawndale High School For Social Justice 3120 S KOSTNER AVE 9-12
Grover Cleveland Elementary School 3121 W BYRON ST PK,K-8
Gurdon S Hubbard High School 6200 S HAMLIN AVE 9-12
Harold Washington Elementary School 9130 S UNIVERSITY AVE PK,K-8
Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School 3444 W WABANSIA AVE PK,K-8
Helen M Hefferan Elementary School 4409 W WILCOX ST PK,K-8
Helen Peirce International Studies ES 1423 W BRYN MAWR AVE PK,K-8
Helge A Haugan Elementary School 4540 N HAMLIN AVE PK,K-8
Henry Clay Elementary School 13231 S BURLEY AVE PK,K-8
Henry H Nash Elementary School 4837 W ERIE ST PK,K-8
Hiram H Belding Elementary School 4257 N TRIPP AVE PK,K-8
Horace Greeley Elementary School 832 W SHERIDAN RD PK,K-8
Horace Mann Elementary School 8050 S CHAPPEL AVE PK,K-8
Hyde Park Academy High School 6220 S STONY ISLAND AVE 9-12
Hyman G Rickover Naval Academy High School 5900 N GLENWOOD AVE 9-12
Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy 2520 S WESTERN AVE 9-12
Inter-American Elementary Magnet School 851 W WAVELAND AVE PK,K-8
Intrinsic Charter School 4540 W BELMONT AVE 7-12
Ira F Aldridge Elementary School 630 E 131ST ST PK,K-8
Irene C. Hernandez Middle School for the Advancement of Science 3510 W 55TH ST 6-8
Irma C Ruiz Elementary School 2410 S LEAVITT ST PK,K-8
James B Farnsworth Elementary School 5414 N LINDER AVE PK,K-8
James B McPherson Elementary School 4728 N WOLCOTT AVE PK,K-8
James Monroe Elementary School 3651 W SCHUBERT AVE PK,K-8
James N Thorp Elementary School 8914 S BUFFALO AVE PK,K-8
James Otis Elementary School 525 N ARMOUR ST PK,K-8
James Shields Elementary School 4250 S ROCKWELL ST PK,K-4
James Shields Middle School 2611 W 48TH ST 5-8
Jane A Neil Elementary School 8555 S MICHIGAN AVE PK,K-8
Jean Baptiste Beaubien Elementary School 5025 N LARAMIE AVE PK,K-8
Jesse Owens Elementary Community Academy 12302 S STATE ST PK,K-8
Jesse Sherwood Elementary School 245 W 57TH ST PK,K-8
Johann W von Goethe Elementary School 2236 N ROCKWELL ST PK,K-8
John A Walsh Elementary School 2015 S PEORIA ST PK,K-8
John B Murphy Elementary School 3539 W GRACE ST PK,K-8
John C Dore Elementary School 6108 S NATOMA AVE PK,K-8
John D Shoop Math-Science Technical Academy ES 11140 S BISHOP ST PK,K-8
John Fiske Elementary School 6020 S LANGLEY AVE PK,K-8
John F Kennedy High School 6325 W 56TH ST 9-12
John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School 1900 W 23RD ST PK,K-8
John Hancock College Preparatory High School 4034 W 56TH ST 9-12
John H Hamline Elementary School 4747 S BISHOP ST PK,K-8
John H Vanderpoel Elementary Magnet School 9510 S PROSPECT AVE K-8
John J Audubon Elementary School 3500 N HOYNE AVE PK,K-8
John L Marsh Elementary School 9822 S EXCHANGE AVE PK,K-8
John Marshall Metropolitan High School 3250 W ADAMS ST 9-12
John M Smyth Elementary School 1059 W 13TH ST PK,K-8
John Palmer Elementary School 5051 N KENNETH AVE PK,K-8
John Spry Elementary Community School 2400 S MARSHALL BLVD PK,K-8
John W Garvy Elementary School 5225 N OAK PARK AVE K-8
Jonathan Burr Elementary School 1621 W WABANSIA AVE K-8
Jonathan Y Scammon Elementary School 4201 W HENDERSON ST PK,K-8
Joseph Warren Elementary School 9239 S JEFFERY AVE PK,K-8
Joshua D Kershaw Elementary School 6450 S LOWE AVE PK,K-8
Kate S Kellogg Elementary School 9241 S LEAVITT ST K-8
Kelvyn Park High School 4343 W WRIGHTWOOD AVE 7-12
Kenwood Academy High School 5015 S BLACKSTONE AVE 7-12
LaSalle Elementary Language Academy 1734 N ORLEANS ST K-8
LaSalle II Magnet Elementary School 1148 N HONORE ST PK,K-8
Laura S Ward Elementary School 646 N LAWNDALE AVE PK,K-8
Lawndale Elementary Community Academy 3500 W DOUGLAS BLVD PK,K-8
Lazaro Cardenas Elementary School 2345 S MILLARD AVE PK,K-8
Leif Ericson Elementary Scholastic Academy 3600 W 5TH AVE PK,K-8
Lillian R. Nicholson STEM Academy 6006 S PEORIA ST PK,K-8
Louisa May Alcott College Preparatory ES 2625 N ORCHARD ST PK,K-8
Ludwig Van Beethoven Elementary School 25 W 47TH ST PK,K-8
Luke O'Toole Elementary School 6550 S SEELEY AVE PK,K-8
Mahalia Jackson Elementary School 917 W 88TH ST PK,K-8
Mancel Talcott Elementary School 1840 W OHIO ST PK,K-8
Manley Career Academy High School 2935 W POLK ST 9-12
Manuel Perez Elementary School 1241 W 19TH ST PK,K-8
Marcus Moziah Garvey Elementary School 10309 S MORGAN ST PK,K-8
Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School 4959 S ARCHER AVE 9-12
Marine Leadership Academy at Ames 1920 N HAMLIN AVE 7-12
Mark Sheridan Math & Science Academy 533 W 27TH ST K-8
Mark Twain Elementary School 5134 S LOTUS AVE PK,K-8
Marquette Elementary School 6550 S RICHMOND ST PK,K-8
Martha Ruggles Elementary School 7831 S PRAIRIE AVE PK,K-8
Marvin Camras Elementary School 3000 N MANGO AVE PK,K-8
Mary E Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center 4420 N BEACON ST PK,K-8
Michael M Byrne Elementary School 5329 S OAK PARK AVE K-8
Mildred I Lavizzo Elementary School 138 W 109TH ST PK,K-8
Morgan Park High School 1744 W PRYOR AVE 7-12
Mount Vernon Elementary School 10540 S MORGAN ST PK,K-8
Multicultural Academy of Scholarship 3120 S KOSTNER AVE 9-12
Nancy B Jefferson Alternative HS 1100 S HAMILTON AVE 6-12
Nathan Hale Elementary School 6140 S MELVINA AVE K-8
Nathan S Davis Elementary School 3014 W 39TH PL PK,K-8
National Teachers Elementary Academy 55 W CERMAK RD PK,K-8
Neal F Simeon Career Academy High School 8147 S VINCENNES AVE 9-12
Newton Bateman Elementary School 4220 N RICHMOND ST PK,K-8
Northwest Middle School 5252 W PALMER ST 6-8
Norwood Park Elementary School 5900 N NINA AVE PK,K-8
Ogden International High School 1250 W ERIE ST 9-12
Orozco Fine Arts & Sciences Elementary School 1940 W 18TH ST PK,K-8
Orville T Bright Elementary School 10740 S CALHOUN AVE PK,K-8
Pathways in Education- Ashburn 3284 W 87TH ST 9-12
Paul Laurence Dunbar Career Academy High School 3000 S KING DR 9-12
Paul Revere Elementary School 1010 E 72ND ST PK,K-8
Peace & Education Coalition HS 4946 S PAULINA ST 10-12
Peter Cooper Elementary Dual Language Academy 1624 W 19TH ST PK,K-6
Phillip D Armour Elementary School 950 W 33RD PL PK,K-8
Pilsen Elementary Community Academy 1420 W 17TH ST PK,K-8
Pulaski International School of Chicago 2230 W MCLEAN AVE PK,K-8
Ravenswood Elementary School 4332 N PAULINA ST PK,K-8
Richard Edwards Elementary School 4815 S KARLOV AVE PK,K-8
Robert A Black Magnet Elementary School 9101 S EUCLID AVE K-8
Robert J. Richardson Middle School 6018 S KARLOV AVE 5-8
Robert Nathaniel Dett Elementary School 2131 W MONROE ST PK,K-8
Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy 7651 S HOMAN AVE 9-12
Sidney Sawyer Elementary School 5248 S SAWYER AVE K-8
South Loop Elementary School 1212 S PLYMOUTH CT PK,K-8
South Shore Fine Arts Academy 1415 E 70TH ST PK,K-8
South Shore Intl College Prep High School 1955 E 75TH ST 9-12
Tarkington School of Excellence ES 3330 W 71ST ST PK,K-8
Telpochcalli Elementary School 2832 W 24TH BLVD PK,K-8
The Montessori School of Englewood Charter 6936 S HERMITAGE AVE PK,K-8
Theophilus Schmid Elementary School 9755 S GREENWOOD AVE PK,K-8
Turner-Drew Elementary Language Academy 9300 S PRINCETON AVE K-8
Uplift Community High School 900 W WILSON AVE 9-12
Virgil Grissom Elementary School 12810 S ESCANABA AVE PK,K-8
Walter Henri Dyett High School for the Arts 555 E 51ST ST 9-12
Walter L Newberry Math & Science Academy ES 700 W WILLOW ST PK,K-8
Walter S Christopher Elementary School 5042 S ARTESIAN AVE K-8
Wendell Phillips Academy High School 244 E PERSHING RD 9-12
Wendell Smith Elementary School 744 E 103RD ST PK,K-8
Whitney M Young Magnet High School 211 S LAFLIN ST 7-12
Wildwood IB World Magnet School 6950 N HIAWATHA AVE K-8
William Bishop Owen Scholastic Academy ES 8247 S CHRISTIANA AVE PK,K-8
William B Ogden Elementary School 24 W WALTON ST PK,K-8
William C. Goudy Technology Academy 5120 N WINTHROP AVE PK,K-8
William Jones College Preparatory High School 700 S STATE ST 9-12
William P Nixon Elementary School 2121 N KEELER AVE PK,K-6
Wilma Rudolph Elementary Learning Center 110 N PAULINA ST PK,K-6
YCCS-Austin Career Education Center HS 5352 W CHICAGO AVE 9-12



Facing History and Ourselves
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Denise Gelb
Program Director, Chicago