Junior Achievement of Chicago

Financial Education

Grade Levels: K-12

Non-profit organization that is focused on financial education, entrepreneurship, and workplace readiness. Teachers can use and/or invite volunteer guest speakers to teach digital and physical K-12 curriculum focused on financial education. Field trips to businesses and scholarships also offered.

  • Professional Development
  • Curricular enrichment provider
  • Experiential Learning (out of school/class time)
  • Experiential Learning (Classroom)
  • Curriculum provider
Financial Education Core Areas
  • All 7 Core Areas
89 Engaged Schools
School Address Grade levels
Acero Charter Schools - Roberto Clemente 2050 N NATCHEZ AVE K-8
Albany Park Multicultural Academy 4929 N SAWYER AVE 7-8
Alexander Graham Elementary School 4436 S UNION AVE PK,K-8
Alex Haley Elementary Academy 11411 S EGGLESTON AVE PK,K-8
Alfred Nobel Elementary School 4127 W HIRSCH ST PK,K-8
Andrew Carnegie Elementary School 1414 E 61ST PL PK,K-8
Arthur A Libby Elementary School 5300 S LOOMIS BLVD PK,K-8
Arthur Dixon Elementary School 8306 S SAINT LAWRENCE AVE PK,K-8
Ashburn Community Elementary School 8300 S ST LOUIS AVE PK,K-8
Bernhard Moos Elementary School 1711 N CALIFORNIA AVE PK,K-8
Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language 3456 W 38TH ST PK,K-8
Catalyst Elementary Charter School - Circle Rock 5608 W WASHINGTON BLVD K-8
Chicago Military Academy High School 3519 S GILES AVE 9-12
Crown Community Academy of Fine Arts Center ES 2128 S SAINT LOUIS AVE PK,K-8
Daniel R Cameron Elementary School 1234 N MONTICELLO AVE PK,K-8
Daniel Webster Elementary School 4055 W ARTHINGTON ST PK,K-8
Edward E. Sadlowski Elementary School 3930 E 105TH ST PK,K-8
Eli Whitney Elementary School 2815 S KOMENSKY AVE PK,K-8
Ernst Prussing Elementary School 4650 N MENARD AVE K-8
Everett McKinley Dirksen Elementary School 8601 W FOSTER AVE PK,K-8
Ferdinand Peck Elementary School 3826 W 58TH ST PK,K-4
Florence Nightingale Elementary School 5250 S ROCKWELL ST PK,K-8
Francis W Parker Elementary Community Academy 6800 S STEWART AVE PK,K-8
Frederic Chopin Elementary School 2450 W RICE ST PK,K-8
Irene C. Hernandez Middle School for the Advancement of Science 3510 W 55TH ST 6-8
James E McDade Elementary Classical School 8801 S INDIANA AVE K-6
James Shields Middle School 2611 W 48TH ST 5-8
James Wadsworth Elementary School 6650 S ELLIS AVE PK,K-8
John C Burroughs Elementary School 3542 S WASHTENAW AVE PK,K-8
John H Kinzie Elementary School 5625 S MOBILE AVE PK,K-8
John Palmer Elementary School 5051 N KENNETH AVE PK,K-8
John W Garvy Elementary School 5225 N OAK PARK AVE K-8
Jose De Diego Elementary Community Academy 1313 N CLAREMONT AVE PK,K-8
Joseph Jungman Elementary School 1746 S MILLER ST PK,K-8
Josiah Pickard Elementary School 2301 W 21ST PL PK,K-8
Joyce Kilmer Elementary School 6700 N GREENVIEW AVE PK,K-8
Kelvyn Park High School 4343 W WRIGHTWOOD AVE 7-12
Lawndale Elementary Community Academy 3500 W DOUGLAS BLVD PK,K-8
Leif Ericson Elementary Scholastic Academy 3600 W 5TH AVE PK,K-8
Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center 8101 S LASALLE ST PK,K-8
Leslie Lewis Elementary School 1431 N LEAMINGTON AVE PK,K-8
Little Village Elementary School 2620 S LAWNDALE AVE PK,K-8
Louis A Agassiz Elementary School 2851 N SEMINARY AVE PK,K-8
Lyman A Budlong Elementary School 2701 W FOSTER AVE PK,K-8
Mariano Azuela Elementary School 4707 W MARQUETTE RD PK,K-8
Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School 4959 S ARCHER AVE 9-12
Mark Sheridan Math & Science Academy 533 W 27TH ST K-8
Medgar Evers Elementary School 9811 S LOWE AVE PK,K-8
Michael Faraday Elementary School 3250 W MONROE ST PK,K-8
Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School 5101 W HARRISON ST 9-12
Milton Brunson Math & Science Specialty ES 932 N CENTRAL AVE PK,K-8
Mount Vernon Elementary School 10540 S MORGAN ST PK,K-8
Nathanael Greene Elementary School 3525 S HONORE ST PK,K-5
Nathan Hale Elementary School 6140 S MELVINA AVE K-8
Nathan S Davis Elementary School 3014 W 39TH PL PK,K-8
Newton Bateman Elementary School 4220 N RICHMOND ST PK,K-8
Oliver S Westcott Elementary School 409 W 80TH ST PK,K-8
Orozco Fine Arts & Sciences Elementary School 1940 W 18TH ST PK,K-8
Oscar DePriest Elementary School 139 S PARKSIDE AVE PK,K-8
Peter Cooper Elementary Dual Language Academy 1624 W 19TH ST PK,K-6
Phoenix Military Academy High School 145 S CAMPBELL AVE 9-12
Rachel Carson Elementary School 5516 S MAPLEWOOD AVE PK,K-8
Robert Fulton Elementary School 5300 S HERMITAGE AVE PK,K-8
Robert Healy Elementary School 3010 S PARNELL AVE K-8
Robert J. Richardson Middle School 6018 S KARLOV AVE 5-8
Roberto Clemente Community Academy High School 1147 N WESTERN AVE 9-12
Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual & International Ctr ES 1501 N GREENVIEW AVE PK,K-8
Roswell B Mason Elementary School 4217 W 18TH ST PK,K-8
Rufus M Hitch Elementary School 5625 N MCVICKER AVE PK,K-8
Scott Joplin Elementary School 7931 S HONORE ST PK,K-8
Sidney Sawyer Elementary School 5248 S SAWYER AVE K-8
Socorro Sandoval Elementary School 5534 S SAINT LOUIS AVE PK,K-5
South Loop Elementary School 1212 S PLYMOUTH CT PK,K-8
South Shore Fine Arts Academy 1415 E 70TH ST PK,K-8
Talman Elementary School 5450 S TALMAN AVE PK,K-8
Theodore Roosevelt High School 3436 W WILSON AVE 9-12
Thomas A Edison Regional Gifted Center ES 4929 N SAWYER AVE K-8
Uplift Community High School 900 W WILSON AVE 9-12
Washington Irving Elementary School 749 S OAKLEY BLVD PK,K-8
West Park Elementary Academy 1425 N TRIPP AVE PK,K-8
Wildwood IB World Magnet School 6950 N HIAWATHA AVE K-8
William C. Goudy Technology Academy 5120 N WINTHROP AVE PK,K-8
William E B Dubois Elementary School 330 E 133RD ST PK,K-8
William G Hibbard Elementary School 3244 W AINSLIE ST PK,K-6
William Howard Taft High School 6530 W BRYN MAWR AVE 7-12
William H Ray Elementary School 5631 S KIMBARK AVE PK,K-8
William H Ryder Math & Science Specialty ES 8716 S WALLACE ST PK,K-8
William J Onahan Elementary School 6634 W RAVEN ST PK,K-8
Wolfgang A Mozart Elementary School 2200 N HAMLIN AVE PK,K-8

http://chicago.ja.org/ https://jausa.ja.org


651 W Washington Blvd Ste 404
Chicago, IL 60661


Maria Ramos
Director, Operations

Alana Copeland
Director of K-8 Education, Chicago

Toiria Baker
Director of High School Experiences, Chicago