CIMBY Student Leaders

CIMBY Student Leaders

CIMBY Student Leaders meet regularly to dig into environmental justice, sustainability and stewardship in Chicago and beyond. Students receive a stipend for participation and are invited to participate in an intensive 5-week internship program over the summer.

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Giana Brown
Junior at George Washington High School

My name is Giana Brown and my pronouns are She/Her. I joined CIMBY because I want to be informed about environmental issues in my neighborhoods and help inform other teens about ways they can help improve our community. Environmental Injustice is important to me because everyone should have the privilege of natural safe resources.

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Camron Lee
Junior at Martin Luther King Jr. College Prep High School

My name is Camron Lee, and my pronouns are He/ Him. My neighborhood is Bronzeville, and choosing the CIMBY program was to try something new while also benefiting my community. Student voice is important to me because I have to continue living in this community so I should have a say in how or what environment I would want to come up in.

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Favour Olawole
Sophomore at South Shore International College Prep

Hi, my name is Favour Olawole and my pronouns are he/him. I am in the CIMBY program to improve my awareness of environmental issues in my community and to pass on information I have learned to others. Student voice is VERY important to me because I believe that since we are the next generation we should be able to speak out and let our voices be heard.

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Samuel Randolph
Senior at Harlan Community Academy High School

My name is Samuel Randolph, my pronouns are he/him. I joined the CIMBY program because I enjoy learning about environmental topics and also this program correlates to my preferred major, Civil Engineering. When Civil Engineers implement infrastructure changes they need to also analyze potential benefits to a community. Environmental justice is important to me because ensuring equitable access to clean safe environments is a human right.

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Xiomara Salazar
Junior at George Washington High School

My name is XIomara Salazar and I go by any pronouns! I am in the CIMBY program because it gives me more information about environmental justice and it gives me the opportunity to act. Environmental justice is important to me because want to help make my neighborhoods, communities and environments better. I want to see what steps I can take in order to help our environment.

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Emily Sanchez
Junior at Hammond Central High School

My name is Emily Sanchez. My pronouns are she/her as well as they/them. I am participating in the CIMBY program to expand my thinking and comfort zone. I think that it is important that students and younger people have a safe space to express themselves and their thoughts with others, especially our age. In this program, I hope to be able to know where I can reach out if I am trying to advocate for something in the community.

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Dakota Simpson
Sophomore at George Washington High School

My name is Dakota, I’m a female to male trans sophomore, currently living in Hegewisch, and I go by He/him and They/them pronouns! I decided to take part in CIMBY because of my previous experience with dealing with environmental issues, such as General Iron, which matters a great deal to me because if I’m worried about my own health, who’ll be around to look after the health of others in your community.

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Chance Stegall
Junior at Advantage Academy of DeVry University

My name is Chance Stegall and my pronouns are she/her. I am in the CIMBY program because I am dedicated to learning about environmental justice and information about the environment that I live in. Environmental justice is important because we all should have access to a safe, sustainable, and healthy environment. It is important to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Jaclyn Taylor
Junior at George Washington High school

My name is Jaclyn Taylor, but I go by Jackie. My pronouns are she/her/hers. The CIMBY program gives opportunities to experience different things and expand my thinking on everything. This program also gives me more responsibility and gives me space to express my ideas. I hope that CIMBY can make me a better student and coworker.