Ericson Scholastic Elementary Academy

Ericson Scholastic Elementary Academy

2nd Graders' Healthy Lunch Awareness Campaign

How can we (youth) best ensure that everyone can make informed decisions for the health and safety of ourselves, our families, and our communities?

Stage 1: Understand the Question & Ground the Inquiry

Students formed groups of two or three and created group names. They then worked together to complete the lesson activities, which included Turn and Talking about a picture of students behavior in the hallway. They completed an 'Analyze the Source' activity that helped them understand consequences when breaking the rules. They discussed rules for getting along and had an opportunity to discuss and add to possible consequences. They completed a perspectives activity that help them with their debate skills. In this activity, students had to give their opinion on whether schools enforce a uniform policy.

Stage 2: Research, Analyze, and Assess

In Stage 2, the goal was to get a feel for what the students brought for lunch, and have them complete two Poll questions. A Nearpod was created with the poll questions and shared with the students. The facilitator read the poll questions and gave students a certain amount of time to answer. After the answers were submitted, the groups discussed their observations, and shared their observations with the class.

Stage 3: Communicate Conclusions and Take Action

Students watched a video about healthy foods and exercise in the Nearpod. Students were then presented with the activity sheet. This is where students were asked to create a healthy plate based on what they learned from the video. They were asked to draw pictures or find pictures from the internet. Learning was assessed by having students present their plates to their group members, compare, and contrast their plates in their groups.