Civic Engagement Research Group

The Civic Engagement Research Group (CERG) at the University of California, Riverside conducts research, develops resources, and engages in education reform efforts that promote equitable, informed, and effective youth civic and political participation. CERG has had the privilege to partner with the CPS Social Science and Civic Engagement department since 2012.


CERG conducts quantitative and qualitative research focused on monitoring trends, framing priorities, and developing an evidence base regarding effective civic education practices and policies. You can find their research publications linked here. Here are some research pieces that have come out of their collaboration with the SSCE department:

Featured Research

Email us at ssce@cps.edu to access your school's 2019-2020 5Essentials Reports for CPS High Schools and Elementary Schools focused on Civic Learning and Social Science!

Featured Resource

Check out the video library on Ed 4 Democracy website featuring videos of civic learning in action that include Chicago students and educators.


CERG also develops resources for educators, leaders, and districts interested in preparing youth for democracy. You can find a collection of videos and resources on their Ed 4 Democracy website. Check out some of their resources here:

  • The Importance of High Quality Discussion -- A series of three videos that explore the importance of high quality civic discussion and deliberation in the classroom featuring CPS leaders, teachers, and students.

Connect with CERG

For more information about CERG, feel free to visit their project website. You can also follow the team on Twitter @Ed4Democracy as well as sign up for their newsletter.