Harvard Graduate School of Education

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Harvard Justice in Schools (JiS) is designed to affirm that ethics matter, and then to help educators and policymakers reason through the ethical dilemmas they face. Justice in Schools helps educators and policy makers ask the right questions, offers shared language to talk about the ethical choices they face, and provides frameworks and heuristics through which they can understand others’ points of view. Justice in Schools pursues these aims by using normative case studies--complex, empirically-researched ethical practice and policy dilemmas--of justice in schools.

Our Partnership

EdEthics Multimedia Case Study Project (EdEthics) led by Harvard Professor Meira Levinson and The Department of Social Science and Civic Engagement (SSCE) are partnering to explore the question: How can educators and students engage in difficult conversations for equity and justice, and grow as connected, ethical participants in our schools, city, and world? Through collaborative discussions about the ethical dilemmas in education that we all face, educators, students and CPS stakeholders will participate in school-based and district wide discussions on ethical dilemmas we all face.

Dates for 2021-2022 civic conversations announced soon! For more information or interest, contact Heather Van Benthuysen at hvanbenthuysen@cps.edu.

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Civic Conversations for Equity Resources for advancing discussion of ethical dilemmas.