Street Law

Street Law

Street Law is a global, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with more than 40 years of experience developing classroom and community programs that educate young people about law and government. Street Law programs and materials help advance justice by empowering people with the legal and civic knowledge, skills, and confidence to bring about positive change for themselves and others.

Our Partnership

Street Law and the Department of Social Science and Civic Engagement has partnered to:

  1. Support the professional development of every 8th grade social science teacher in powerful practices for civics instruction included in the Participate Civics curriculum, namely deliberations using the Structured Academic Controversy protocol and simulations using the Moot Court protocol. In partnership with 8 CPS teacher leaders, we are offering ongoing workshops concurrent with the roll out of the Illinois Civics requirement for 8th grade.
  2. Elevate teacher leadership and build sustainability for culturally responsive deliberation resources for CPS by launching a PLC of 25 CPS teachers who develop resources and supports for facilitating discussions of current and/or difficult topics in the classroom using the Structured Academic Controversy protocol that will be available Districtwide via Skyline.
  3. Organize ongoing PL opportunities for all teachers 6-12 on facilitating deliberations through the Structured Academic Controversy protocol.


Deliberations allow teachers to help students cooperatively discuss contested political issues by carefully considering multiple perspectives and searching for consensus.

Street Law has developed a robust library of Deliberation resources including materials for several Deliberation topics, social-emotional learning resources to support students as they participate in Deliberations, and an instructional video and handouts to help teachers and students understand the Deliberation process. 

All resources are free to download.

For example:

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For more information about Street Law, feel free to visit their website. You can also follow them on Twitter @StreetLawInc.