Network 16

Network 16

Network 16 (N16) centers equity at the heart of every decision making process with the firm belief that access means that all N16 students are prepared to graduate ready to engage in college or career as well as civic life. N16 identifies that supported students are safe, healthy, and engaged in their school communities and that these school communities are empowered by empowered school leaders.

Schools in Network 16

19 High Schools on the Southwest Side

  • Air Force HS
  • Bogan HS
  • Englewood STEM
  • Farragut HS
  • Gage Park HS
  • Goode HS
  • Hubbard HS
  • Jefferson HS
  • Julian HS
  • Kelly HS
  • Kennedy HS
  • Lindblom HS
  • Morgan Park HS
  • Richards HS
  • Spry HS
  • Tilden HS
  • York HS

Ways Network 16 Uplifts Student Voice

Network 16 (N16) created a Student Wellbeing and Success Specialist position to elevate students’ voices and introduce opportunities for them to succeed in collaboration with the Office of Student Health & Wellness, Office of Social Emotional Learning, and Office of Student Protection.

Student Voice in Administration Meetings

During SY21, N16's Student Voice Committee brought their perspectives into decision making by attending admin meetings.

Students start of the meeting with a panel discussion around the work that is being focused on for that meeting. Administrators appreciate a student lens when thinking about planning and invite them to have future conversations within the school. In the end, students leave feeling empowered to speak to administrators.

Wellness & Success Pioneers

N16 developed a team of student leaders with an adult advisor from each Network 16 school. The students advise District and Network practices around student mental health and facilitate school-level planning.

While meeting with schools, N16 discovered students are less involved due to financial stressors, which can lead them to seek employment and miss out on opportunities. So they partnered with After School Matters to fund student participation in this program. This team provides student a space to elevate their voice around mental health and other challenges that affect them daily.

The ultimate goal is to promote student-led mental health initiatives in each of N16 schools by creating an environment shaped by students.

Network 16 Youth Leadership Conference - Register Today!

On April 23rd, 2022 from 9am - 5pm, students across N16 will come together in a culminating event to learn from speakers and present their research on a topic of choice that is affecting their schools/communities mental health to their peers and leaders in the district. Students will have an opportunity to meet peers from various communities and share valuable information with one another.

Further Details:

  • When: April 23rd, 2022 from 9am - 5pm
  • Where: Willis Tower 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606 (Virtual Option Available)
  • If interested in attending, email Elizabeth Moreno at