Participatory Budgeting Schools

Participatory Budgeting Schools

Participatory Budgeting

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a process used around the world in which community members decide how to spend part of a budget through an inclusive, democratic process. A predetermined amount of funds are set aside for the community to vote on how it will be spent, the funds can be earmarked for a specific need. Students collect ideas about the school’s needs, develop project proposals, and the community votes on projects to fund.

PB is an important part of the civic life vision, we aim to continue to increase PB in Schools.

Credit: Sullivan High School

The SY21-22 PB Schools

Participation in the PB Project includes:

  • PB Curriculum and teacher/staff facilitator training in the Participatory Budgeting process
  • Technical support from UIC and SSCE in planning, implementation, and evaluation
  • Grant funds earmarked for school improvement (focus will be determined by the school)
  • Celebration and elevation of school’s participation through internal and external communication channels

Meet the Schools

  • Alice L. Barnard Elementary School
  • Brennemann Elementary School
  • Carver Elementary School
  • Carver Military Academy
  • Curie Metro High School
  • Dever Elementary School
  • Foreman College and Career Academy
  • Mather High School
  • Michele Clark Magnet High School

  • New Field Elementary School
  • North Grand High School
  • Orr Academy High School
  • Parkside Community Academy
  • Plamondon STEM Elementary School
  • South Shore International College Prep
  • Taylor Elementary School
  • West Park STEAM Academy
  • Yates Elementary School

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